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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Social Season: Marketing And The Holidays

Ahhhh, it’s that time of year again. The holidays! The time of year when everything seems possible, when everyone is happy, when everyone wants to buy things… Yep, we came to talk about holiday sales. Social media is perfect for holiday promotions. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a physical product, a service, or a subscription—this time of year, if you promote it, they will come!

Holiday-oriented marketing can also be important because people are so ready to listen! Unlike other times of year, during the holidays, you can count on people to be looking for gift ideas all over the place, from magazines to Pinterest, to their friends, and yes: social media. And that’s where you come in, my friend. Really, you couldn’t ask for a more idea sales environment. So let’s see what we can do to make this even better, shall we?
Let’s get festive
Everyone loves a little bit of festivity around the holiday. You know how it goes: a little tinsel here, some red accents here, a couple Christmas trees, maybe a candy cane or three. No need to get crazy with it: 20 minutes in Photoshop with some stock snowflake graphics, throw on one of those spiky leaves with the red berries on it, and you’re there. What you’re looking for is implicit communication: the fan will see your holiday cheer and immediately understand that you’re going to have some nice promotions this season.
Christmas special offers
Holiday sales are perhaps obvious, but still worth talking about. You may already be doing some special promotions for the holiday, so make sure to put that information on your Facebook page. If you really want to get yourself out there on social media, you can even offer special deals for people who share your content, separate from the deals you’re already offering outside of social media.
Share good reviews
Did you know that customers love to read reviews? Let’s face it: advertisers face a trust problem. Consumers would rather get their information from other consumers. So encourage your fans to write reviews, then post them to your Facebook page, showing the world just how much people like your products. If you can get people to post it to your Facebook page themselves, that post will even show up on the newsfeeds of their friends, further enhancing your organic reach.
Share Discounts
If you incentivise shares and referrals, you stand to gain a lot of traffic, especially in the holiday season. Data has shown many times that reviews positively affect conversion rates, and this goes double for referrals by their friends. If you have a holiday contest, encourage people to share it to their friends to get a better chance of winning or a better prize. If you have a popular contest, your brand will spread quickly through local Facebook and Twitter friend networks and should engage a lot more people.
Holidays: time for social?
If you look at it the right way, the holidays are yours to lose. Customers are off work, at home, and possibly bored—give them something to think about. In a sense, they are a captive audience, looking for distractions anywhere they can find them (besides Aunt Rita). Just keep in mind: people are honestly, truly looking for things to buy. You just have to tell them what, and social media is a great way to do that.

Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas.

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