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Qualified and experienced Social Media marketing Professional having a proven advertising and marketing experience of over 15 years with over 5 years in social media marketing. Strategically planning campaigns by using various social media channels effectively with designing, blogging, micro-blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, scribd, Google+ Pinterest etc

Advertising & marketing professional from traditional to high powered social media.
  • Creative, analytical, entrepreneurial, dedicated, consistent & results-driven.
  • Intense background & and experience of 20 years with multicultural, diverse markets & community development and engagement of east & west. Both as an advertising, marketing & media professional & as a community advocate & builder through education & art programs. An executive who makes a difference. 5 years of comprehensive experience in social media marketing 

Social Media
  • Social listening, content strategy, content generation, content optimization, customer engagement and brand engagement, community building, defining metrics, measuring and analyzing.
  • Blogging, Microblogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, scribd, Google+ & more. Online videos, Podcasting. Sideshows & presentations,
  • Developed vast digital, marketing solutions and interactive communities on social networks. Proven expertise in combining traditional and online marketing strategies, including online advertising, buzz generation and social media.
  • Translator for the dashboard of  Hootsuite
  • Tech savvy with excellent adaptability to new things.
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing.
  • Diploma in web design
  • Certified Hootsuite Professional

Community outreach and networking:
  • Community developer - produced & directed many events with a motto of "bringing the communities & cultures together on a common platform thru arts".
  • Internationally acclaimed poet & artist. Exhibited in many countries.Widely recognized for her works in arts and literature.
  • High volume of following/friends/subscribers on Facebook pages,  id and groups, twitter etc

  • Blogging / Multimedia blogging / Micro blogging/Podcasting/Videos
  • Content Research & Content Generation
  • Content strategy, curation, optimization using technology and insight into your product or service. 
  • Effective visuals, videos, gif images and text for better engagement and branding.
  • Keyword searching for content.
  •  Editorial process & Skills 
  • Customer engagement
  • Webcasts, Google+ Hangouts,  Podcasts.
  • Creating, developing and optimizing of YouTube channels, 
  • Creating YouTube videos with descriptions, tags, titles, cards, monetization, annotations etc.
  • Video making & editing
  • Custom Social Media headers and cover pages for Facebook,Twitter & YouTube and others
  • Creating and setting up of Facebook and Twitter ads
  • Hashtag marketing
  • Brand building, finding your brands target audience online
  • Creating and maintaining Blogs
  • Editing, publishing and e publishing
  • e-book: from designing to publishing
  • Ads on different websites like kijiji, craigslist etc.
  • Newsletters 
  • Media Strategy - Online / Social / TV / Radio / Print 
  • Visual Design / Presentations/Videos
  • Print publishing
  • Corel Draw, Photoshop CS, Powerpoint and many other packages.
  • Community building / Community Outreach
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