Facebook ads

More than one billion people use Facebook every day. These people come from different walks of life. Some are just connecting with friends, while others own companies of various sizes and probably need freelancers.
If you’re struggling to get freelance jobs, you should give Facebook ads a try. I know many freelancers who have found success with the platform. With the right targeting methods and strategies, you can reach your core audience and get more customers. The following tips should help.
1. Know your audience
First, create a client avatar. The avatar represents your ideal client. Think of the client’s age, interests, and other identifying factors. If one-on-one meetings are part of your business model, you need to consider location as well. You will use this avatar when targeting your ads. Keep the avatar nearby so each ad you create reaches your core market.
2. Build awareness

You know who your target client is. Now, it’s time for that client to get to know you. You can do that by following self-published author Mark Dawson’s lead. Dawson had an incredibly successful Facebook advertising campaign, in part because he learned how to use the platform to build awareness. With awareness as the campaign’s foundation, Dawson’s ads resulted in one million book downloads.