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Key Skills

  • Social media passion
  • Community development and management 
  • Content strategy, content curation, content optimization using technology and insight into your product or service for better engagement and branding.
  • Search Engine Optimization for content
  • Keyword searching
  • bookmarking
  • Effective visual content and its creation and curation. (pictures, videos and infographics)
  • working knowledge and experience of editorial process
  • Knowledge of webcasts, Google+ Hangouts,  podcasts.
  • Creating, developing and optimizing of YouTube channels, YouTube videos with descriptions, tags, titles, cards, monetization, annotations etc.
  • Video editing
  • Works on channels like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, Foursquare, instagram, Google+ vine, storify, Flickr, My Space, and many more. 
  • Custom Facebook apps
  • Custom Social Media headers and cover pages for Facebook,Twitter & YouTube and others
  • Knowledge of hashtag marketing
  • Working with Gif files and images
  • Creative mindset, Creative designing with many packages including Photoshop and Corel Draw
  • Creating Blogs and maintaining
  • Brand building, finding your brands target audience online
  • Analytical skills
  • Editing, publishing and e publishing
  • ebook- from designing to publishing
  • Comfortable with Emerging Trends and Technology 
  • Constant learning and generating of new ideas
  • Creating and setting up of Facebook and Twitter ads.
  • Analytical Mind, strategic Vision and thought leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ads on different websites like kijiji, craigslist etc.
  • Multilingual
  • Advertising background of 20 years with vast knowledge of the functionality of variety products and services
  • Produced and hosted radio and TV programs.
  • Monitoring analysing with google analytics and other.
  • Established fine artist and author

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